31 May 2010

Stupid Legislators Tricks

They're up to it again! The stupid legislators (SL) in Sacramento now want to make people pay for plastic or paper bags at the supermarket! Do these people live anywhere close to reality? They call them "single use bags." Bull! I don't know about you but when plastics bags are reused in my household.

They are used to bring the groceries or other goods home from the store
They are reused to bring lunch to work
They are reused to clean the litter box
They are reused to store items in
There are many other uses for them.

You know what it is, don't you? It's just another way the SL want to control our daily lives. AB1998, if passed, would require stores to charge at least 5 cents bag. It would also ban in-store recycling of bags beginning January 1, 2011.

Here's the letter I emailed to my assemblyman:
I want you to vote NO on AB1998 regarding the banning of so-called “single use” bags.

First of all, plastic and paper bags used to carry goods home from the store are NOT single use bags. My household use these bags more than once. In addition to carrying items home from the store the wrongly called “single use” bags can be used for (and this is NOT an exhaustive list):
- Carrying lunch to work
- Storing items
- Cleaning out the litte box
- Protecting items when painting

This is just another way to increase prices.

You, as a representative of the people, should not be voting in favor of bills such as AB1998. Let the marketplace take care of it. If people want plastic or paper bags and the stores are willing to provide these to their customers then let them do it. Don’t force them to have more government regulation imposed on businesses.

Finally! I've updated my home page!


I now have my own web domain: http://damiross.net

After a couple of years of just letting it sit idle, I've finally updated my home page. I'm planning on updating the rest of the site over the next few weeks.

The pages currently updated are:
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I just finished reading a book called "Climategate: A Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam" by Brian Sussman.

I highly recommend it. It exposes the myth that global warming is caused by humans. It gives the truth about carbon dioxide. It's not a pollutant, folks! Without carbon dioxide we would not be here. Plants need CO2 in order to grow. In turn, plants provide animals with oxygen.