16 October 2010

NO Justice in the so-call Justice System of California

The California justice system needs reforming.

My girlfriend was convicted of embezzling, a crime she doesn’t deny. She embezzled and gave all of the money abusive boyfriend. He spent it on a motorcycle, guns, and other items. She didn’t spend any of the money on herself.

She didn’t know about the programs available to help stop this beast from abusing her - she just wanted the pain to stop.

She wants to pay restitution. She was able to get another job that paying a decent wage. She was able to pay partial restitution of $15,000.

She had five strikes against her.

The company she took the money from was mismanaged. The found the perfect scapegoat in my girlfriend to cover up their ineptness..

The DA was more interested in seeing people go to prison and making voters think he’s hard on crime. He didn’t care that my girlfriend is 59 years old and has many medical problems. Justice would have been served if he had recommended probation to allow her to continue working and paying restitution.

Her lawyer refused to believe her when she said the amount taken was nowhere close to what the company and DA said was taken.

Another strike was the judge who saw nothing wrong with sending her to an overcrowded prison. The prison she is at is at 150% capacity. There are women sleeping on the floors!

How is justice being served when a meek woman who has shown true remorse for her crime and wants to pay restitution is sent to prison? A place where medical help is delayed or even denied, the water has arsenic, where she can’t sleep due to the excessive heat, and where she is a victim of harden criminals?

California needs to reform its “justice” system now!