23 February 2011

Must read by Ann Coulter on unions and government workers.

Look for the union fable
The need for a union comes down to this question: Do you have a boss who wants you to work harder for less money? In the private sector, the answer is yes. In the public sector, the answer is a big, fat NO.
It used to be widely understood that collective bargaining has no place in government employment. In 1937, the American president beloved by liberals, FDR, warned that collective bargaining "cannot be transplanted into the public service." George Meany, head of the AFL-CIO for a quarter century, said unions were not appropriate for civil servants. As recently as 1978, the vast majority of states prohibited unionization of government employees.
On his first day in office, the Republican governor of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, signed an executive order denying public-sector employees the right to bargain collectively – something that had been granted, naturally, by a Democratic governor.
As a result, Indiana government employees instantly got to take home an extra thousand dollars that no longer went to union dues – and good employees started getting raises, while bad employees got cashiered.

21 February 2011

Public Sector Unions: A VERY Bad Idea

Unions in general and in the private sector specifically are a very bad idea. At one time there was a need for unions.  That need has gone away due to the numerous laws that are on the book.

Public sector unions are one of the main causes that our taxes are going up.  They think their members are entitled to benefits such as health care and retirement without them having to contribute to either.  They say they deserve this because their wages are less than corresponding jobs in the private sector.  That, my friend, is an absolute lie.  Government workers on the average make more money than their private sector counterparts. They make more in wages, they make more in benefits, and they make more when they retire.

What is the cause of the power of the unions.  The politicians who are nothing but whores when it comes to money.  The unions know this.  In other words, the unions are the johns for the whore politicians.

Scott Adams blog on unions

Unions condone strikes, even by police and fire fighters.  This is absurd.  Vital services such as that provided by the police, teachers, and fire fights should not be interuppted because greedy union members want more money.

Union workers are very inefficient.  By contract they are allowed to do their job and their job only.  In my non-unionized job, I can do my work and I can help others who are not even in my same department.  I do it because I'm working for my employer and not some union thug.

Are union thughs destroying America
What we need is a union free America