31 July 2011

Dr Pepper store brands

In my previous posting I told you some things about Dr Pepper.  I didn't mention that there are at least 56 other colas that have names similar to Dr Pepper:
□    Doc Holiday
□    Doc Shasta
□    Dr A Plus
□    Dr B.bmp
□    Dr Becker
□    Dr Best
□    Dr Bold.bmp
□    Dr Check
□    Dr Choice
□    Dr Cool
□    Dr Dazzle
□    Dr Delight
□    Dr Extreme.bmp
□    Dr Fine
□    Dr Fizz
□    Dr HyTop
□    Dr IGA
□    Dr K
□    Dr Kist
□    Dr Lowes
□    Dr Lynn
□    Dr Parade
□    Dr Parker
□    Dr Perfect
□    Dr Perky
□    Dr Pop
□    Dr R
□    Dr Radical
□    Dr Randalls
□    Dr RC
□    Dr Riffic
□    Dr Right
□    Dr Rocket
□    Dr Rush
□    Dr S
□    Dr Schnee
□    Dr Shaw's
□    Dr Skipper
□    Dr Slice
□    Dr Smooth
□    Dr South
□    Dr Sparks
□    Dr Starr
□    Dr Stripes
□    Dr Thirst
□    Dr Thunder
□    Dr Topper
□    Dr U
□    Dr Vess
□    Dr Wells
□    Dr Wild
□    Mr Ahhh
□    Mr Pibb
□    Mr Sipp
□    Publix
□    Select Dr D 

Dr Pepper

My favorite soda is Diet Dr Pepper.  It's the only diet soda that I've had that actually tastes like the non-diet version.
Some interesting facts about Dr. Pepper:
  • Dr Pepper was first served on December 1, 1885. That was one year prior to the introduction of Coca Cola.
  • Dr Pepper went national at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
  • Contrary to popular belief,  prunes are not one of the ingredients of Dr Pepper.
  • The first part of the name is spelled without a period. 
Slogans over the years:
  • 1889–1914: "King of Beverages."
  • 1920s–1940s: "Drink a Bite to Eat at 10, 2, and 4 o'clock."
  • 1940s: "Good For Life."
  • 1945: "Dr. Pepper has 23 flavors"
  • 1950s: "The Friendly Pepper Upper."
  • 1960s: "America's Most Misunderstood Soft Drink."
  • 1970s: "The Most Original Soft Drink Ever."
  • 1977–1983: "I'm a Pepper, He's a Pepper, We're a Pepper.", "Be a Pepper.", "Wouldn't you like to Be a Pepper too?"
  • c. 1984 "Out of the Ordinary. Like You."
  • c. 1984 "The Taste for Out of the Ordinary Bodies." (Diet Dr Pepper)
  • 1984–1997: "Hold Out For the Out of the Ordinary."
  • 1991: "Just what the Doctor ordered."
  • c. 1997: "It's Dr Pepper Flavour, Silly!" Australia
  • c. 1997: "Expect the Unexpected!" Australia
  • 1997: "Now's the Time. This is the Place. Dr Pepper Is The Taste."
  • 2000: "Dr Pepper, It Makes the World Taste Better."
  • 2000–Present: "Just What The Dr Ordered."
  • c. 2001 "Dr Pepper, so misunderstood"
  • 2002–2004: "Be You."
  • 2002–Present: "Solves All Your Problems." (used in Europe)
  • 2003 "Dr Pepper, to try it is to love it" (used in the UK)
  • 2004–Present "Dr Pepper, what's the worst that could happen?" (used in the UK)
  • 2005–Present: "One Taste & You Get It."
  • 2006: "Can You Handle The Taste?"[32] (seen in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland)
  • 2006: "Authentic blend of 23 flavors." USA, Canada
  • 2006: "Dr Pepper, makes the world go round."
  • 2006: "Dr Pepper, nothing better." USA
  • 2006: "The Dr knows the right touch." (used in Europe)
  • 2006: "There's more to it." USA
  • c. 2006: "Get Berried in Cream" USA (used for the new Berries and Cream flavor)
  • 2007: "I Want It All." USA
  • 2007: "El Dr muy bueno" Latin America
  • 2008: "What's the worst that could happen?" Europe
  • 2008: "Drink It Slow, Dr's Orders" (USA)
  • 2009: "Trust me - I'm a Doctor." (ft. Julius Erving, Kelsey Grammer, Gene Simmons, Dr. Dre) USA
  • 2009: UK based television advertising; Sung "Dr Pepper, What's the worst that could happen?" UK
  • 2009: "It's so amazingly smooth, you have try it to believe it!" and "Amazingly smooth" Dr Pepper Cherry
  • 2010: "There's nothing like a Pepper" USA

    Microsoft Office Alternatives

    The Microsoft Office Suite is the most popular office suite for the PC.  The most popular features are Word and Excel. You also get an email reader and, depending on the version you purchase, data base management, presentations, project management, and other things.

    The suite is powerful and the cost is high.  There are, however, free alternatives.  Wikipedia has a good comparison chart of alternatives, some free, some at a nominal cost, and others at a ridiculously high price.  Here's some of the free ones.  These all contain at least a word processor, a spreadsheet program, and a presentation program.  Clicking on the program name will bring up the Wikipedia article on it.  A link is also provided for each program's home page.
    OpenOffice.org website
    IBM Lotus Symphony website
    GNOME Office website  (Note: Gnome's integration among the word processor, spreadsheet program, and presentation program isn't as tight as what you would expect from an office suite.)

    Rover's heat shield and metorite.

    This picture, taken by the Mars Rover Opportunity, show's the rover's discarded heat shield on Meridiani Planum.  Next to it is a rock that is believed to be meteorite.The picture was taken in 2005.
    Photo Credit: NASA via Astronomy Picture of the Day for 31 July 2011.

    Quick way through the folder

    So you have lots of files and/or folders in a folder?  Want an easy way to find exactly what you need?
    Click on the first file or folder.  Press the first letter of the file's or folder's name.  The next file or folder starting with that letter will magically appear in your window.

    29 July 2011

    Software Tips

    So many people use only a very small portion of their software features.  I'll be posting various software tips for wide variety of programs.

    First tip: you can use Ctrl and the - (minus) or + (plus) key to in place of the right context menu in Excel to delete or add rows respectively.

    Tried it, didn't like it

    After trying out WordPress for my blogger, I found out that I like Blogspot better for a few reasons.
    • I'm able to use my own domain without having to purchase one specifically for WordPress
    • Blogspot is faster
    • I like the interface better.