27 June 2010

Trip to Aunt's 70th Birthday

Just got back from an overnight trip to LA for my aunt's 70th birthday. She sure doesn't look 70!

We started out about 4:30 Saturday morning. Little early but the party started about 1 so we needed to leave early. Discovered a much better way to get to West Covina. The GPS indicated I5 to I10 but I hate that interchange. Instead, I took I210 from I5 and then I605 to I10. Just a few minutes longer but so much easier on the nerves! Also for the first time in all my road trips between the Bay Area and Southern California I was able to make it without refueling along the way. Granted, the EVIC (electronic vehicle information center) complained about low fuel but, still, I made without refueling. Couldn't say the same on the way back. Unfortunately, I had just under a full tank. It's still amazing, thought, that the gas in Santa Nella, in the middle of no where, had gas that was 3 to 25 cents cheaper than the Bay Area and LA!

My aunt was really surprised, especially when the other guests started showing up. She and my uncle got home from their trip to Houston about 12:20. The family was already there. She was surprised to see us there. About 1:00 her Sunday School and Bible Study members started showing up.

We spent the night at my mom's house then left for the Bay Area around 8:00. We had breakfast at the Iron Skillet at the Petro Truck Stop on the northern side of the Grapevine. Not much a of selection but it was very tasty at a reasonable price.

In the southbound lanes of I5 when we were going home I saw a helicopter being towed behind a truck! I caught part of the registration number and am trying to find the make and model of it based on the registration.

As long as the traffic isn't bad, the trip between the Bay Area and LA isn't too bad. It gets a little boring looking at nothing between the two points but we had our CD's and listened to talk radio so it wasn't too bad. Of course, having Cathy in the car with me made it even better!

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