31 July 2011

Dr Pepper

My favorite soda is Diet Dr Pepper.  It's the only diet soda that I've had that actually tastes like the non-diet version.
Some interesting facts about Dr. Pepper:
  • Dr Pepper was first served on December 1, 1885. That was one year prior to the introduction of Coca Cola.
  • Dr Pepper went national at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
  • Contrary to popular belief,  prunes are not one of the ingredients of Dr Pepper.
  • The first part of the name is spelled without a period. 
Slogans over the years:
  • 1889–1914: "King of Beverages."
  • 1920s–1940s: "Drink a Bite to Eat at 10, 2, and 4 o'clock."
  • 1940s: "Good For Life."
  • 1945: "Dr. Pepper has 23 flavors"
  • 1950s: "The Friendly Pepper Upper."
  • 1960s: "America's Most Misunderstood Soft Drink."
  • 1970s: "The Most Original Soft Drink Ever."
  • 1977–1983: "I'm a Pepper, He's a Pepper, We're a Pepper.", "Be a Pepper.", "Wouldn't you like to Be a Pepper too?"
  • c. 1984 "Out of the Ordinary. Like You."
  • c. 1984 "The Taste for Out of the Ordinary Bodies." (Diet Dr Pepper)
  • 1984–1997: "Hold Out For the Out of the Ordinary."
  • 1991: "Just what the Doctor ordered."
  • c. 1997: "It's Dr Pepper Flavour, Silly!" Australia
  • c. 1997: "Expect the Unexpected!" Australia
  • 1997: "Now's the Time. This is the Place. Dr Pepper Is The Taste."
  • 2000: "Dr Pepper, It Makes the World Taste Better."
  • 2000–Present: "Just What The Dr Ordered."
  • c. 2001 "Dr Pepper, so misunderstood"
  • 2002–2004: "Be You."
  • 2002–Present: "Solves All Your Problems." (used in Europe)
  • 2003 "Dr Pepper, to try it is to love it" (used in the UK)
  • 2004–Present "Dr Pepper, what's the worst that could happen?" (used in the UK)
  • 2005–Present: "One Taste & You Get It."
  • 2006: "Can You Handle The Taste?"[32] (seen in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland)
  • 2006: "Authentic blend of 23 flavors." USA, Canada
  • 2006: "Dr Pepper, makes the world go round."
  • 2006: "Dr Pepper, nothing better." USA
  • 2006: "The Dr knows the right touch." (used in Europe)
  • 2006: "There's more to it." USA
  • c. 2006: "Get Berried in Cream" USA (used for the new Berries and Cream flavor)
  • 2007: "I Want It All." USA
  • 2007: "El Dr muy bueno" Latin America
  • 2008: "What's the worst that could happen?" Europe
  • 2008: "Drink It Slow, Dr's Orders" (USA)
  • 2009: "Trust me - I'm a Doctor." (ft. Julius Erving, Kelsey Grammer, Gene Simmons, Dr. Dre) USA
  • 2009: UK based television advertising; Sung "Dr Pepper, What's the worst that could happen?" UK
  • 2009: "It's so amazingly smooth, you have try it to believe it!" and "Amazingly smooth" Dr Pepper Cherry
  • 2010: "There's nothing like a Pepper" USA

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