27 December 2007

Southwest Musings

Ya'll will be glad to know that Southwest buys only the best peanuts. Their peanuts are "processed in a facility that process peanuts and other nuts." (If you don't get it at first, read it that last sentence again.)

By the way, it was windy yesterday at LAX! It's the first time I've been in an aircraft (SWA 829 (N216WR) in this case) where I could actually feel the aircraft being pushed to the side of the runway as we took off. It was also very bumpy once we got in the air. I like flying but do NOT like turbulence at all. The flight attendant delayed beverage service due to the turbulence.

The woman in front of us though the flight attendant's safety briefing was unprofessional. She gave us a briefing that was reminiscent of all briefings I heard prior to 9/11 on Southwest. In other words, it was funny and got the point across.

The flight to LAX on the 21st was in a brand new aircraft. N902WN, operating as SWA230), had been delivered to Southwest just a day earlier.

The new boarding procedure worked like a charm on both flights. Best of both worlds - no need to stand in line for an hour or so and we still have open seating.

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