22 December 2007

Walmart Supercenter for the SF Bay Area - NOW!

I'm so tired of the various elected "representatives" of the San Francisco Bay Are bowing down to the unions! I'm in LA for the Christmas holiday. I had the opportunity to go to a Walmart Supercenter. It is so nice to be able to get ALL of my shopping down in one place rather than going to one place to buy food and another place to buy non-food stuff like electronics, clothes.

You would think all of those global warming alarmists would welcome a Supercenter because it cuts down on the number of trips people have to make.

The food items are cheaper at Walmart than Safeway or Luckys. This extends the buying power of people on fixed income.

Come on, all you so-called elected representatives. You are here to represent EVERYONE, not just those who support you financially. Just say no to the union money, just say no to other special interests, and START REPRESENTING everyone!

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